How Long Does It take to Fix Body Damage on a Car?

A Temporal Assessment

The body damage a car has incurred will require a time frame depending on some factors. There is the nature of the injury and its extent. The least time may range from day to a week. The maximum period maybe a month to a quarter of a year or so. A lengthy list of variables could influence how long it takes for your car to arrive back at your doorstep. 

The Factors

Your car’s insurance claim will be the crucial document whose fine print you will need to read first. An assessment of the necessary repair will be essential to calculate the time required. Many times it happens that a day, week or month is added to the time needed. This is due to other issues cropping up in the eyes of the mechanics. Or it could be some overseen elements that need attention. Please take it in a stride and wait it out patiently instead of losing your cool. 

The Situation

Anyone can identify with a person whose car has gone to the smash repair. My friend Milton from Newcastle painting went through the process last week. He was left empty without the original vehicle. The loaned vehicle may be a poor substitute for the original. This makes the person concerned very anxious without his or her car. He or she can’t wait for things to get back to normal. The period taken will depend upon whether it is a single issue or several problems all at once. Then the parts are accessible. Sometimes they are missing from the smash repair’s arsenal, and you will have to wait while the experts order them from a nearby factory. From disassembly to reassembly, the road is full of bumps and potholes. 

Seeking the Law

In extreme cases where you doubt the auto repair unit’s veracity or are being made to wait a lifetime for minor damages, remember that you can always have recourse to the law. While the police will not enter the matter, the court can decide the issue you provided, and you pay a lawyer’s fee. Then you can send a legal notice to the smash repair and pick up your car in its unfinished and rickety condition. Get it refurbished from elsewhere and this time sign a contract with the owner regarding the time limit. 

Other Reasons for Procrastination

You sometimes have to give the devil his due and not jump to conclusions. Have a little trust in the smash repair. There is usually a complicated process at work here as the experts assess the amount of damage. Not everything is as straightforward as it seems. Maybe they know better than you who is a layperson. The year your car was manufactured, and its type will be huge factors in the period taken to repair it. Just for your information, the Average Joe will get his car fixed within two weeks or less.